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Coffee coffee coffee, builders, back to school and work

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Preschool, garden centre, swimming. Came home to find no conservatory windows.

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Waffles, decs away, last day of hols

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Drains, frozen, chiquitos, Paul and Donna

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Wet, wind, hobbit, builder

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John Lewis breakfast; library; muddy forest walk.

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Dreich, clean conservatory, singing in the rain, summer hol booked

Domestic goddessry

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Just call me Kirst-ella (Or Nigie?) but Christmas is less stressful all round for doing some of it ahead of time. Tomorrow I am going to buy and peel and parboil a big bag of Maris Pipers then freeze them (open on trays then into freezer bags). On Christmas morning they can be plopped straight into a tin of hot fat and not only will they save peeling at a time when really I would rather be looking for batteries and untangling toys from their ridiculous packaging (is it really necessary to use an actual screw to fasten a Barbie to her box?), they are genuinely better for a bit of time in the freezer. Heston does it with his chips.
I’m not making mincemeat this year. I tend to do one from the unholy triad of cake/pudding/mincemeat on the basis that while they are all quite fun to make I dislike eating them and prefer to save my energy for things I enjoy as well. Having said that, I ate some pies made with my own meat last year and they were the only mince pies I have every actually enjoyed. (Smug, moi?) I have mincemeat left from last year which will probably be ok, especially if I slosh a bit more brandy in. If not, Messrs Marks and Spencers make one that is perfectly adequate (and honestly my dear husband is quite happy with a Co-op mince pie anyway). Cameron also adores Christmas pud (on your own there, mate) but we buy a nice one from a posh shop. This year it will be cake. It will not be trad cake because of my aforementioned dislike, plus an aversion to nuts and candied peel; but Nigella’s chocolate and Tia Maria one. I have vague intentions to make it this stir up sunday, but we have people coming for lunch and a child to get a to a party so it may or may not happen. Next week sometime – is very important to build up to such an undertaking – but as it is not a feeding sort of a cake, I will freeze it until time to decorate.


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When it feels like a chore, time to stop. When everybody is reviving their blogs in a fun way – no more sponsored posts – maybe pop back, blow away some dust, send the cat in to remove spiders, and see. If only the stop-when-it-is-a-chore approach could legitimately be applied to emptying the dishwasher.
Coffee morning at the preschool this morning. Am a lady who lunches (eats cake), except would it be rude to take my book? I like to see the children sing but the chitchat is an incentive to look for a proper job. They already think I am odd, am sure it would just confirm suspicions. I like to think they think I am nice odd not scary odd, and a book won’t change that.

Vegetable patch, with poppies

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In much the same way that when Chester Zoo abandoned its attempts to contain the marmots (apparently the army were brought in but failed to solve the problem) they just altered the signage – black rhinoceros (with marmots) - every single bit of my garden also contains poppies. (And aquilegia.) Every year I give seed heads to my mother, who has yet to successfully grow one single bloom. Orientals, normals (Occidentals?); pink, red, ladybird, yellow, orange. I bought a fancy blue one from the garden centre this year (but can’t remember whether or where I have planted the damn thing).