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Coffee coffee coffee, builders, back to school and work

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Preschool, garden centre, swimming. Came home to find no conservatory windows.

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Waffles, decs away, last day of hols

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Drains, frozen, chiquitos, Paul and Donna

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Wet, wind, hobbit, builder

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John Lewis breakfast; library; muddy forest walk.

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Dreich, clean conservatory, singing in the rain, summer hol booked

Domestic goddessry

Posted November 18th, 2013 by Lisa. Comments (3).

Just call me Kirst-ella (Or Nigie?) but Christmas is less stressful all round for doing some of it ahead of time. Tomorrow I am going to buy and peel and parboil a big bag of Maris Pipers then freeze them (open on trays then into freezer bags). On Christmas morning they can be plopped straight […]


Posted October 11th, 2013 by Lisa. Comment (0).

When it feels like a chore, time to stop. When everybody is reviving their blogs in a fun way – no more sponsored posts – maybe pop back, blow away some dust, send the cat in to remove spiders, and see. If only the stop-when-it-is-a-chore approach could legitimately be applied to emptying the dishwasher. Coffee […]

Vegetable patch, with poppies

Posted July 4th, 2013 by Lisa. Comments (2).

In much the same way that when Chester Zoo abandoned its attempts to contain the marmots (apparently the army were brought in but failed to solve the problem) they just altered the signage – black rhinoceros (with marmots) – every single bit of my garden also contains poppies. (And aquilegia.) Every year I give seed […]