Domestic goddessry

Posted November 18th, 2013 by Lisa. Comments (3).

Just call me Kirst-ella (Or Nigie?) but Christmas is less stressful all round for doing some of it ahead of time. Tomorrow I am going to buy and peel and parboil a big bag of Maris Pipers then freeze them (open on trays then into freezer bags). On Christmas morning they can be plopped straight into a tin of hot fat and not only will they save peeling at a time when really I would rather be looking for batteries and untangling toys from their ridiculous packaging (is it really necessary to use an actual screw to fasten a Barbie to her box?), they are genuinely better for a bit of time in the freezer. Heston does it with his chips.
I’m not making mincemeat this year. I tend to do one from the unholy triad of cake/pudding/mincemeat on the basis that while they are all quite fun to make I dislike eating them and prefer to save my energy for things I enjoy as well. Having said that, I ate some pies made with my own meat last year and they were the only mince pies I have every actually enjoyed. (Smug, moi?) I have mincemeat left from last year which will probably be ok, especially if I slosh a bit more brandy in. If not, Messrs Marks and Spencers make one that is perfectly adequate (and honestly my dear husband is quite happy with a Co-op mince pie anyway). Cameron also adores Christmas pud (on your own there, mate) but we buy a nice one from a posh shop. This year it will be cake. It will not be trad cake because of my aforementioned dislike, plus an aversion to nuts and candied peel; but Nigella’s chocolate and Tia Maria one. I have vague intentions to make it this stir up sunday, but we have people coming for lunch and a child to get a to a party so it may or may not happen. Next week sometime – is very important to build up to such an undertaking – but as it is not a feeding sort of a cake, I will freeze it until time to decorate.

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  1. Mmm..sounds good. I really must start planning what I’m doing for Christmas dinner… We’re off to my mum’s and I’m cooking, so need to work out what I need to take up with us/get delivered. Looking forward to cooking in a kitchen with a dishwasher though.

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