New school year…

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…new blog. After a good couple of years in the wilderness I find myself drawn back. But oh! how things have changed. Everybody blogs these days and, I think, nobody reads them, and there are genres. There didn’t used to be genres. I am pretty sure nobody is going to sponsor me, and I am a mummy but not a Mommy so I can’t be a mommy-blogger (I am also no mompreneur, which is surely the most repulsive neology yet this century). I’m going to witter.

September is a good time to start. Who wants to begin a new beginning in damp chilly January? New pencil case; new shoes; new projects.  Resolutions. Some more achievable, like get the children to school on time and get off facebook and run, than others (get up early and meditate/drink less wine/tidy up more). We will see.

We lurk in the shadowy borderlands between England and Wales. On the English side but only just: half a mile down the road the roadsigns swap over. This (the proximity to Wales, not the roadsigns) provides lots of rain and ruined castles. It is semi-semi-rural, with a decent bus service to a decent-sized town (which is generally chock-full of tourists) but no actual shops here and decent views (and aromas) of farmland. “We” being me, my often-absent husband* and our three girls. Two at school: one still all mine. I stay home where I am a slave to the dishwasher and generally fail to keep things tidy. By “stay home” I mean I am not in gainful employment, at least not on any sort of formal or regular fashion. Not that I am not allowed out.


OK so I have no idea what I am going to write about yet. It will evolve, or not. I might share a few old photos and what have you though – see, there’s one up there.

*His mother says “poor dear, he works so hard”. We say “huh”.

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