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I am feeling irked this evening. Only mildly and I suspect a nice big glass of pinot at the pub this evening will see me right, but if a blog ain’t for moaning on, what is it for?

We had some quite annoying visitors last weekend. Yes they were my inlaws, however did you guess? Lots of subtle irritations but I have been schooling myself not to obsess – I have a tendency to replay things over and over and have been¬†practicing¬†I do not need to think this thought. Then, today is all nice and autumnal so I made a chicken pie and was wondering what to have after it. Baked apples! I thought. Since I just bought some English eating apples at the farm shop today – I have to produce an enormous crumble next weekend but they didn’t have any cookers so I bought the eaters as an experiment to see if they would do instead or will I have to go and see Mr Tesco – and I thought I might stuff them with pine nuts and the figs that miraculously ripened in our back garden! In the north of England! Even though we have barely seen a glimmer of sunlight this summer! And the end of the lovely Greek honey that my parents brought me back from their holiday. Except the honey isn’t there.

I did know they had been through my cupboards in order to provide themselves with a breakfast feast. And this is basically fine: I don’t really do breakfast beyond stuffing a bit of marmite on toast into my mouth as I empty the dishwasher in the morning – and I know it would be the nice hostly thing to lay the table with linen and put out toast rack and boil eggs and all that jazz but frankly when they are here I put a huge effort into feeding them lovely lunches and dinners and come 8 am they just have to fend for themselves. (They were here for 6 days, I am not a saint. And the dishwasher does not empty itself.) But when you finish something don’t you usually say so, so your host doesn’t find herself honeyless at a critical juncture?

It wasn’t a disaster. I have the sort of cupboard that provides two other types of honey in an emergency. The apples (Old Windsor) exploded a bit and are not quite tart enough to make crumble.

apple tree

4 comments on “Manners

  1. God, I’d be very sniffy indeed if house guests completely finished my Greek honey! Do they not know it’s Special??

    Your apple tree looks very irked too, if I may say so.

  2. Oh, sympathy!! Very similar thing with my in-laws, but my FIL has the extra fantastic habit of putting EMPTY CONTAINERS BACK. Gaaaaah.

  3. Ellie, we no longer have irked apple trees, sadly, since we moved. I loved that tree’s face though. Lisa, that is entirely unreasonable and you would be quite justified if you passive-aggressively muttered and slammed cupboard doors ;) Karen: that is a GOOD thing and long may it last.

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