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I made bread yesterday! Here it is:


I used to make all our bread but well, life got in the way. We moved house, leaving behind my beloved Neff oven with bread-proving function. (It also had a self-clean thingummy and a lovely shiny inside and was big enough to cook a whole salmon.) Our new oven should hang its head in shame by comparison: it does hot or off and is minute. And is down by the floor so you have to crawl about to get things in and out and shriek at children and cats if they approach when it is open. Also, our village now has a weekly market, which is rather fabulous. Unlike the monthly farmer’s markets that many places have, where you pop along for treaty things, nibble a few lovely olives and buy a bit of random cheese, we can actually use it as a weekly shop. Not exclusively of course: it is very artisan and one does still need things like loo roll and tinned tuna. But the bread is exceptional so no need to make it myself.

Then we went away this weekend, missing said market, so I decided I’d see if I could still do it. I loved the whole process (I highly recommend the river cottage handbook if anybody fancies a go) and I think it turned out rather well if I do say so myself. It is mainly white with a wee bit of wholemeal, with sunflower seeds inside and honey and sunflower seeds on the top, which is a bit experimental. Tastes good but is kind of sticky (I had the idea the honey might set in the oven and it didn’t really).


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