Like the olden days

Posted September 25th, 2012 by Lisa. Comment (0).

We have been television-free* for a week now. Not from any lofty ideals – I do secretly have low-key ideals in that direction but then there is The Killing and a husband who, while often absent, is sport mad, and, well, Sunday mornings without cbeebies just start too damn early – but because we are having our sitting room decorated. We removed the nasty textured wallpaper to uncover walls that needed replastering rather than the quick paint job we had hoped for. Of course you have another one the decorator said. Nope.

It hasn’t been as bad as I expected: the children have come home from school and set-to with craft projects, and there is always the computer and the ubiquitous moshi monsters if we are desperate. We have been playing scrabble in the evenings (on the ipad, obviously, boards and tiles are just so last century. Although it is slightly erratic with regard to proper nouns). We did use the computer last night to watch often-absent husband’s starring talking-heads role on some chinese TV programme about the history of the automobile. Yes, really. 10 years earlier he might have been on grumpy old men or reminiscing about 1985. He is properly absent this week and I have such plans for creative evenings (though I suspect they might pass in a blur of songpop, facebook and a nice hot bath – the other downside to being replastered is the house is bloody freezing).

*Or television-less, depending on one’s perspective.

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