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This time, it’s anonymous.

Not my second blog actually: I make this my third proper one and I dare not count how many minor side interest ones have withered and died over the years. Regardless, those were set up for particular purposes which required me to be open about them in real life. Which was all well and good when I remembered that and stuck to the subject (but oh I do like to witter); and also worked fine until we moved to a small village. One of those villages you still get around the edges of our country where half the population is related and the other half regarded with┬ásuspicion. Where people won’t move to the next village, 3 miles away, because it is too far and I will miss my mum. Never talk about anybody without first searching the room, else their mother-in-law’s neighbour’s niece will be standing behind you, scowling.

I soon realised that an open blog was just a bit, well, open. I’d be merrily yomping up to the school in the mornings only to be stopped by somebody who wanted to know why, exactly, I would sprout seeds on my windowsill (during a hippy phase) or who wanted to say something nice about my photographs. It was mostly nice things that were said (presumably those who had other things to say remembered to search the room) but it was a bit too intimate. Uncomfortable. And meant that people knew my news without me having to tell them, which led to awkward silences at the bus stop. And, worst of all, my mum read it.

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  1. happy to know you are here. :) thank you for sharing with us. i’m excited to check in and i promise i won’t stop you at the bus stop.

  2. I have that exact problem with facebook – now, there are people from so many different areas of my life who read it (and never comment or ‘like’ posts, so I have no idea who’s lurking!) that it’s hard to post anything at all without thinking ‘hang on, have I just offended someone? Do I want the school gate mum knowing that? Damn, did my SIL read that? Shit, did I just slag the NCT off? Half the bloody committee are on my friends list!’ and so on. I used to keep a lj blog, anonymous (and friends-only) and I could be as depraved as I liked there. :-) I feel like I have to keep up appearances on FB.

  3. Hi–have just been having a read. Thank you for letting me know about it; it’s greatly appreciated.

    That thing about houseguests and manners: this is why I hate staying in people’s houses. You just know, no matter how careful you try to be, that *something* you’re doing, something small, something you’d never imagine could be a problem, nevertheless *is* a problem, and is driving your host/s absolutely nuts–and they would not ever tell you, but would be only too happy to see the back of you when you leave. I hates that feeling. Have had the unhappy misfortune of being more or less obliged to stay at friends’ houses here and there over time, with varied results. Some of those friends I am actually still in touch with; some not so much. When we go to Calgary, for book-related stuff, as we did just recently, my publisher always makes a big fuss, “come and stay with us, we’d love to have you”. I always have to gently tell him no, and explain that we’d rather stay friends than risk it by having us staying there. You can see that they, publisher and wife, don’t grok at all what on Earth I mean, and you even get the sense that they’re a bit hurt about it, but I just can’t do it. They’re too important to me to want to risk messing things up by having us stay there.

    • Actually I am reasonably laid-back about houseguests in general. I love having friends to stay and when we lived in Japan was thrilled when people came for a proper extended stay. Inlaws, though? Bless ‘em they mean well and I am generally quite fond but oh my goodness they are annoying. I think it is because if they do something to help I see it as a veiled criticism (certainly my issue) – if a friend makes a cup of tea I think how lovely a cup of tea; if they make one I think ohh they are annoyed I didn’t make them a cup of tea. Mind you, no friend has yet felt the need to align my jars and tins properly.

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