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I made bread yesterday! Here it is: I used to make all our bread but well, life got in the way. We moved house, leaving behind my beloved Neff oven with bread-proving function. (It also had a self-clean thingummy and a lovely shiny inside and was big enough to cook a whole salmon.) Our new […]

Like the olden days

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We have been television-free* for a week now. Not from any lofty ideals – I do secretly have low-key ideals in that direction but then there is The Killing and a husband who, while often absent, is sport mad, and, well, Sunday mornings without cbeebies just start too damn early – but because we are […]


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Well, it seems that the reason my blog died, apart from the aforementioned audience issues and a general lack of things to write about beyond the baby smiled/cried/slept/didn’t sleep and what we were having for tea, was that I have no bloody time to write it. Right now I have precisely 6 minutes before I […]


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I am feeling irked this evening. Only mildly and I suspect a nice big glass of pinot at the pub this evening will see me right, but if a blog ain’t for moaning on, what is it for? We had some quite annoying visitors last weekend. Yes they were my inlaws, however did you guess? […]

Blog 2

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This time, it’s anonymous. Not my second blog actually: I make this my third proper one and I dare not count how many minor side interest ones have withered and died over the years. Regardless, those were set up for particular purposes which required me to be open about them in real life. Which was […]

New school year…

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…new blog. After a good couple of years in the wilderness I find myself drawn back. But oh! how things have changed. Everybody blogs these days and, I think, nobody reads them, and there are genres. There didn’t used to be genres. I am pretty sure nobody is going to sponsor me, and I am […]